Electric Deep Fryer

SE14 Electric Deep Fryer

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The SE14 fryer design offers higher production with increased efficiency . It is ideal for cooking French Fries, Crispy Strips, Popcorn Chicken (frozen & fresh), Chicken Nuggets, Hot & Crispy Chicken and other freezer to fryer products.



▪ Stainless Steel Fry Pot ▪ Fixed heating elements
▪ 1 ¼” (3.2 cm) Full port drain valve
▪ Cabinet- stainless steel sides, front, splash back
▪ Mercury free heating contactors
▪ High temperature limit switch
▪ Heavy duty 3/16” (.48 cm) door hinges
▪ Stainless Steel Fry Pot
▪ Fixed heating elements


▪1 - Drain clean out rod
▪1 - Fry pot cleaning brush
▪1 - Removable basket hanger
▪2 - Twin size fry baskets
▪1 - Tank/Basket support rack