Advantages of New Commercial Kitchen Equipment

When it comes to buying restaurant equipment, there is much consideration as it can add up expenditure. This can lead to option of used equipment, and the fact that it may be cheaper.


A used equipment isn't new, and it may bring up question of does it work? Will it work a week from now? The reality is you’ll experience the unit already gotten the best years out of. At the end, it still need to fit into your budget, here’re some reason why buying new outweigh used equipment.

Advantages of New Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Reduced maintenance

Due to wear and tear under the previous possession, you might have to incur maintenance costs. There is a good risk you may have to call the service company more frequently than you'll with a new unit. Moreover, for an older version, the replacement parts may not be readily available and cost more. These costs may add up greater than a news unit.



With a brand new unit, the equipment come from the manufacturer and right off the manufacturing line. The unit will perform as supposed and less in all likely to have problems. It will reduce the hassle of repair in the middle of operation.


No mysteries

When using new unit, the owner will be aware of equipment history and the staff who are using it. Used equipment are often abused in foodservice industry and people don’t do regular maintenance.


Get what you need

When buying for new equipment, you’ll know the specification which meet your need. With the proper dimension, the item is able to fit nicely into your space. Furthermore, you be able to get the sufficient capacity for storage purpose.


Used unit usually no longer covered by warranty. It is important to have warranty especially for restaurants because ongoing business require the unit to keep functioning. Unless there is a spare unit to prevent operation to be interrupted. New unit would probably give you a piece of mind.


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